Armourering and artistic ironwork are our work and passion.
Our offer is directed to individual customers and chivalry brotherhoods, associations and museums.

We handle orders to domestic and foreign customers. We provide services in:

  • replicas of historical munitions from various ages (especially from the Middle Ages and Roman times)
  • artistic ironwork (constituents of home equipment – lamps, candlesticks, etc.)
  • renovation and reconstruction.

We execute orders by customer’s individual requirements using our own and delivered designs.

All our wares with components executed in our forge are made manually using traditional ironwork technics.

Due to the usage of basic tools our wares are featured as inimitable and precision of our workmanship.

We provide diligence of each detail, careful selection of materials and high quality as well.

We offer execution of fitted wares with maximum endurance obtained by tempering high-grade steel.

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